“Going Up Alleys” Podcast Episode 2 – Composer Decomposer

Kate SekulaKate Sekula and Steve Sekula discuss the secret language of music; just what happened at that conference in Fort Worth; exciting a revolution in teaching music theory; the Forer Effect, Barnum Statements, and Juh-Muh-Puh names; and astronomy (er . . . astrology) at the Awesomeville Public Library.

Listen to Episode 2: Composer Decomposer

The “Going Up Alleys” podcast is an ongoing conversation about curious avenuues of investigation. The world is a strange and complicated place. In this irregular podcast, we’ll see how different people strive to make sense of it through creative and critical thinking.

Show Notes

  • Host: Kate Sekula is a graduate student in the University of Connecticut Music Department, working toward her Ph.D. in Music.
  • Host: Steve Sekula is an assistant professor of physics at Southern Methodist University.
  • Buy music from the composers discussed in this podcast: Michael Tippett’s “The Vision of St. Augustine” and “A Child of Our Time“;
  • Michael Klein, Professor of Music at Temple University
  • David Easley’s abstract about chord repetition in punk rock (presented at the Texas Society for Music Theory 34th annual meeting)
  • The podcast theme music is entitled “Occipital,” from the album “Classicoco” by the artist Nicoco. The album is available from Jamendo and is freely downloadable under a Creative Commons “share and share-alike” license.
  • This podcast was produced at Hampton House. LinuxUbuntuAudacity, a Shure SM-58 microphone,  and a little bit of “too much free time” were used in the making of this podcast.


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