Jodi and I have returned from vacation. It was a dramatic break. Naturally, the minute we left the state of California a big wind storm hit our area and knocked out power. Faithful readers will have noticed the lovely temporary webpage I had to setup for the site. Yahoo’s “small business” services, with which I register several domains, was great at letting me reroute both e-mail and web traffic from the site. This insured that my mailing list subscriptions and personal mail still got through, and visitors to were disappointed but informed.

Anyway, I took a whole bunch of photos with my mobile phone during the trip. Once I can actually remove them from the phone, I’ll post them and some tales from the trip. Meanwhile, I’m going to catch up on my several hundred e-mail messages and watch the rain and wind outside.


When I lived in Boston, I fell in love with TechTV. This coincided with the decline of TV for me and Jodi – we grew to realize that we liked, less and less, the crap you’re forced to buy on cable. In an era of “on demand” content, podcasts, and $0.99 songs on iTunes, the all-or-nothing cable package is a dinosaur. Or a dodo bird. One of those.

TechTV I liked. That was before it merged with G4, and then collapsed. My favorite show was “The Screensavers”, a tech magazine with great tips and neat tech demos. I loved the cast – they were an easy-going lot, fun to listen to (and who always looked like they loved their jobs). Alas, before I could go see a show in San Francisco the show basically died. All the good cast members slowly disappeared, and then G4TechTV died an ugly death.

Thank GOD for podcasts and free media content. Leo Laporte, one of the founders of “The Screensavers”, has regrouped his colleagues for a regular podcast from his website, “This Week in Tech”: (, or “TWiT”. Have a listen. They use Skype to bring the cast together, and record the conversation. It’s great fun. Tech news, discussions about computer philosophy and software… good times.