“Going Up Alleys” Podcast Episode 1: The Cosmos and the Collider

Welcome to the “Going Up Alleys” Podcast, a highly irregular and potentially self-promoting podcast on directions in science!

Listen to Episode 1: The Cosmos and the Collider

Title slide from my lectureIn this inaugural episode, I shamelessly┬ápresent my recent Godbey Lecture entitled “The Cosmos and the Collider: Our Quest to Understand the Universe.” I spoke to a room full of inquisitive Godbey Lecture Series members from a wide set of backgrounds and discussed the connection between collider physics and cosmic questions. I also attempted to communicate what it means to study physics at the LHC, and how recent hints of the Higgs particle may signal a new era of exploration in physics. What lies on the continent whose shores are marked by Mount Higgs?

Show Notes

Slides from my lecture

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About Stephen Sekula

Steve Sekula is an Assistant Professor of Experimental Particle Physics at Southern Methodist University. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004, and currently spends most of his time either conducting research into the Higgs boson on the ATLAS Experiment or teaching. Oh, and he blogs. We all have flaws.
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