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What the Heck’s on Goodreads?

“Reality in the Shadows (or) What the Heck’s the Higgs” is meant to help a new audience come to discover a love of science and especially physics, or to welcome to the frontier those who already discovered that love a long time ago.

Pop on over to Goodreads’s Science Book Club, where “Reality in the Shadows (or) What the Heck’s the Higgs?” is the book of the month for discussion in the forum! Frank Blitzer, Jim Gates, and I are available to chat about the book, about the science behind the book, and about all the unanswered questions we’d love to have answered. Grab a copy of the book, give it a read, and come on over to talk!

Our editor and publisher, Otto Barz, has been tossing out questions to keep the conversation moving. Give Otto a break (he’s worked hard enough already over the years!) and post some of your own questions and curiosities. We’d love to interact with you!