Don’t Let Podcasts Die in Darkness

I love podcasts. I don’t get to listen to all the ones I like all of the time, but I love knowing that interesting content – from polished news programs to amateur computing tips – are there at my command when I do have time. However, a trend has grown slightly greater on the web of late – the foregoing of an RSS feed link in favor of iTunes or Google Podcasts links. In this post, I show you how to free the RSS feed from behind one of these closed or proprietary services and bring them from the shadows into the light of your favorite podcast player.

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Home Server Upgrade – Phase One

I’ve been putting it off for over a year: our home server is running an old Ubuntu Linux installation, and needs to be upgraded. Research and teaching and life intervened, and this upgrade fell farther and farther down the list. In the meantime, Ubuntu produced two stable releases… making the chore of upgrading twice as hard. Let’s take a look at some lessons I learned by not upgrading, and my state of mind as I proceeded through the first phase of the upgrade today.

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