Anti-Steve: The Weeks in Review, June 27 – August 9, 2015

[I am posting this now after a bit of a hiatus. It’s been a busy and somewhat unpredictable summer. See below.]

I’ve gone silent for may weeks primarily out of a re-prioritization of my time since returning from CERN. It was a very busy finish to the work period at CERN this summer. The trip home was delightful, though made slightly unpleasant by the fact that Jodi was away when I returned and would not herself return home for a week afterward. Life began to return to something like normal at SMU when I got back, with my focus turning toward our new grant proposal for the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. The last few weeks have been capped off my some joy and sadness: my sister-in-law and her children are visiting us for a week of vacation, but I had to leave home during this time due to an unexpected death in the family. I am returning home now, looking forward to a few more days with my nephews before getting back to work.

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