Headin’ for a Weddin’

Well, it’s vacation time for the Cooleys-Sekulas… er… Whatever that family name would be in the era of hyphenated names. Anyway, we’re on a Frontier Airlines flight over Iowa, on our way to Milwaukee. My brother-in-law’s wedding is on Saturday, and then we’re taking a few days to just travel randomly around the Midwest to get some needed R&R.

Tonight we get to eat with my sister-in-law (one of them, at least) at my favorite Midwestern burger joint, Kopps! Ah, this is a rare meat-treat for me and a good way to begin our 2005 epic Midwestern Odyssey. This is the life: TV map glowing on the back of the seat in front of me, Morrissey blasting on my PocketPC, blog in hand, and best friend at my side!

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