Rituals are important to life. They can be secular or religious in origin, but having a regular event to which you can look forward is important. I’ve tried removing ritual from my life, and I always feel unglued as a result. Jodi and I decided a few months ago that Sunday night was sacred, and that we would always drop what we were doing, hop in the Honda, and head north to the Borders in San Mateo to scan books and music, and definitely sit and have a drink.

Last night was no exception, and had the added benefit of a spectacular bank of fog rolling in over the Santa Cruz mountains. Such fog, gently pouring over the mountaintops, is a contradiction, a creamy liquid of cottonballs. With the sun setting behind it, the sky was fire on top of this foaming ice.

I’ve put some photos in here of the fog, the sunset and the mountains, Border, and Jodi and I enjoying the teapot service.

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