Jumping a gap in the track of the Anki Overdrive track (our nieces are driving)!

Beyond the Tired Kingdom at sunrise

I spent a lot of time playing Minecraft with my nephews and sisters-in-law over the past few days. Here we see me speeding toward the house build by one of my sisters, Jackie, as the sun rises over the house. The railroad was the product of another sister, Jolene, who was placed in charge of the larger county public rail system in the game. My nephews and I built the central metropolitan region, called “Tired Kingdom.” This house lies outside he core in the boonies.

It is nice to relax.


Snow falling in Park Falls, WI. It’s been snowing a lot over the last couple of days. By most average tastes, this would be considered bad weather; I like it. We’ll be leaving today of Oshkosh, WI in weather like this.