Dispatches from Doolin

I finally heard from Jodi this morning. It’s been eating at me for days, not hearing from her. I know it’s a reflection of my being spoiled with technology, but not talking to her for just three days has really taken its toll on me. Coupled with all the other terrible stress of this week – work piling up, more trips coming, job applications – I’m exhausted. But, this makes me feel a little better.

Here’s Jodi’s dispatch from Doolin:

Jackie and are at an internet cafe in Doolin. I just wanted to check-in and let you know that everything is going well. Last night we ate (as every night) at pub in Doolin. This was special though as it was the first night we got to hear some live music. You would have loved it. It started with 3 guys, a flute, an accordian and some sort of guitar. By the time we left two more poeple had joined in the playing and there was a third guy sitting next to us who looked like he was just waiting to
get the nerve to ask to join in.

Tonight we will be staying in Bunratty. We will head towards Dublin sometime tomorrow afternoon. Friday & Saturday we will be touring Dublin and then it is back home. Today it’s the Cliffs of Mohar, some caves and we have reservations for dinner at a castle (huge banquet with music and all) this evening at 8:45.

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