The Last Shifts – No End to the Thrills!

Today and tomorrow are the last scheduled shifts for the Babar experiment. I have the pleasure of being on shift as the Liaison yet again, sitting in the main accelerator control room and passing information between Babar and the accelerator operators. Jodi came with me and baked a bunch of homemade pizzas, a small token of thanks for the great data we’ve been getting and a home-style way to cap-off a great run of this experiment.

Now, of course, the hard effort of analyzing all of this data lies ahead. It’s no small task. We’ve got riches beyond imagination in the sheer volume of data we’ve collected since the experiment started in 1999. I had the great fortune to earn my Ph.D. on this experiment, and I’ve tried to give a little back while also trying to get involved (without success) in other projects (due to their shelving or lack of funding). Well, there will be time soon enough to look to the future – LHC, dark matter, and beyond.

Jodi’s doing some reading and I’m keeping my eye on the current that PEP is dumping into their rings. Babar stands ready to take it’s last data – as soon as this feisty collider sees fit to make it happen!

By steve

I am a husband, son, and a Professor of Physics at Southern Methodist University. Physics may be my favorite thing to do, but I like to do a little bit of everything: writing, running, biking, hiking, drumming, gardening, carpentry, computer programming, painting, drawing, eating and sleeping. I earned a Ph.D. in Physics in 2004 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I teach courses in physics and the scientific method at SMU, and I love to spend time with my family. All things written in here are my own, unless otherwise attributed; don't you go blaming my employer or my family for me.