An Open Letter To American Airlines: No Platform for AVN

A child infected with measles, a disease easily prevented with a simple vaccination. From

Please find below the letter I just sent to American Airlines pertaining to the claim by the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) press release claiming that AA will give them a platform for their anti-vaccination message.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was recently disturbed to see this press release from the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN):

AVN Information to air on American Airlines

This group, mis-named to sound as if they promote the use of vaccines to prevent disease, actively works against the practice of vaccinating children against easily treated, but dangerous, diseases. They are claiming that your company will give them airtime on your in-flight media network and your “American Way” magazine.

I am a frequent traveler on American Airlines. I fly routinely between the U.S. and Europe and have come to rely on your excellent service to Geneva via London. I also regularly use your airline to visit my family in Wisconsin, which includes my four nieces and nephews, all of whom are protected against whooping cough, measles, and other diseases thanks to vaccines. If it is true that you are planning to air the view of AVN on your in-flight media services, I will refuse to fly on your airline for 2 years and instead give my money to your competitors, such as United Airlines (who also offer excellent and competitive service to Geneva and the Midwest).

There is over 100 years of credible, confirmed, scientific evidence for the benefits of childhood and adulthood vaccination against disease. There is no – and I mean ZERO – credible scientific evidence linking vaccines to such serious diseases as autism. Do not give AVN a platform.

Steve Sekula

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