In which I am spammed by a Chiropractor

As my colleague Prof. Scalise likes to say, it’s stupid – and a little bit funny – when pseudoscience peddlers and scam artists try to use their nonsense on people that teach a class in fighting pseudoscience and scams. I got my first one today, in Twitter (of all places). A local chiropractor in Richardson, TX sent me a tweet today:

@drsekula drsekula Do you feel like you were ran over by a truck? Chiropractic care is your medication alternative!

To which I responded:

If I felt like I were run over by a truck, a real medical issue, I would go and see a real medical doctor. #FightPseudoscience

Here is a screen cap of the original tweet and the response. I really don’t expect them to say anything useful back; they will, in all probability, simply move on and find a sucker. I don’t expect them to respond; but, then, they probably didn’t expect me to respond either. So fair is fair.

Tweet spam!
Tweet spam!

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