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Subscribe, Dammit.

The site "Listen, Dammit" (@listendammit) brings you music reviews on the artists and bands you SHOULD be listening to. Print media, as we have known it, is dying; attempts to save the industry have largely ignored the internet and have, at times, resembled the ill-fated and heroic efforts that most wounded, sickened, starved, and unadaptable dinosaurs must have taken when an asteroid hit earth 65 million years ago. But not "Listen, Dammit." "Listen, Dammit" is the small, warm, furry mammal of music review sites. It’s the species you WANT to be when the asteroid-induced nuclear winter comes knocking.

So go to, admire its new, sleek look, and subscribe (dammit). The internet asteroid is here. Adapt, or die.

Full disclosure: I am good friends with the particularly clever furry mammal behind this site. That, however, is no excuse for you to go grazing with the dinosaurs.