Home Server Upgrade – Phase Two

Phase one of the home server upgrade, taking its operating system from Ubuntu 14.04 -> 16.04, was a fairly long process. In the wake of that upgrade I was left with a non-working MediaGoblin instance.

Today, I took the next step: 16.04 -> 18.04. This went substantially better.

A tale told in tweets

Server Notes

I use a gluster volume to host a large body of replicated content, like media, documents, etc. In the past, I have also hosted the files for services like Diaspora or MediaGoblin on this volume. However, I always noticed that startup performance for server programs were terrible on that volume. I’ve now moved the server programs to real disks while the content is stored on the gluster volume. This balances speed for programs with the need for a large, replicated storage volume.

MediaGoblin could only operate if I stuck with Python 2.7. I could NOT make it work with Python 3.6. I tried. I really did.

But other than those details, this was a relatively painless upgrade.

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