I enjoy playing the drums. Here are some of the terrible side-effects of that interest.

Small Projects

I’ve been, on and off, playing around with a drumming project entitled “Tadpoles.” This is one complete piece that resulted from that, entitled “Vacuum – Part 1.” Enjoy.



Well . . . these happened.


The (original) Adventures of My Pet Hamster

“The Adventures of My Pet Hamster” started as a short-lived comic strip that I shared with friends and family on my first websites in 1997 and 1998 (at Yale and, later, UW-Madison). Loosely based on people I knew and experiences I had (including a few threats), they were fun to draw but I got distracted after about five episodes. You can relive those old adventures, or live them for the first time (for the last time) right now:

Episode 1: Can I Have This Desk? (this one is lost for now, I am afraid)

Episode 2: In the Coffee Room

Of course, currently “The Adventures of My Pet Hamster” is my critically-acclaimed blog: