Honored to have been nominated twice for the 2020 HOPE Award

Ryan and I pose for a photo after the HOPE Banquet.
Ryan and I pose for a photo after the HOPE Banquet.

Two of my recent former students nominated me for an Honoring Our Professors’ Excellence (HOPE) award. As described on the award’s website:

“Each year since 1998, Residence Life and Student Housing (RLSH) has encouraged students living on campus to honor their outstanding professors by nominating them for the HOPE Professor of the Year Award. HOPE stands for “Honoring Our Professor’s Excellence.” Nominations for the HOPE Award are based on the following criteria: promotes learning; passionate about teaching; engages with students outside the classroom; acts as a student advocate.

Since 1998, over 550 professors have been recognized by students as HOPE professors. Thirty-one of those professors are considered Distinguished HOPE professors, having been nominated five times or more.”

I was very pleased to be able to share an evening at the HOPE Banquet with one of my nominators, Ryan. I am glad that SMU has a means by which students can actively cite faculty who have a positive effect on their lives.