Science in the City: What a Trampoline Can Teach Us About the Unseen Universe

Prof. Jodi Cooley and I were very humbled and honored to be included in this year’s “Science in the City” program, hosted by the Dallas Morning News. The series is a partnership among The Dallas Morning News, SMU, UT Southwestern Medical Center, the Dallas-based education nonprofit talkSTEM, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for BrainHealth. We were very pleased to be able to share some of our wonder for the cosmos with our audience today, and we loved the questions from participants. We’re sorry there wasn’t time to try to discuss every one!

Prof. Cooley and I produced, with great assistance from SMU News and Communications experts, a short video showing how a simple model of the universe can teach us about gravity, black holes, and dark matter. This video was the centerpiece of our event today. Enjoy!