Presenting on SNOLAB Science at TAUP 2023

I am very excited to be participating in my first-ever TAUP conference this week. Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP) is a biennial conference whose roots stretch back to the late 1980s. This year it is being held at the University of Vienna in Austria.

I am presenting two topics at the conference. The first is the status of the community assay database. Featuring a front-end website, this is intended as a place for people to share results in the assessment of materials for radioisotope contamination. This can help future projects select better materials for their instrumentation.

See my slides on

I am also presenting preliminary results from the HALO Collaboration on the multiplicity of neutrons observed in “bursts” in our detector. A burst is a 3ms window of time in which there are 2 or more neutrons detected. We only use “golden” runs from our ten years, which amounts to 5.6 years of livetime. This is being shown in a poster produced by the collaboration.

See the poster on HALO burst neutron multiplicity

A photograph of a large Catholic cathedral, the Votivkirche, in Vienna.