Sigh… I really shouldn’t read too much news in one day…

*Sigh*. I decided to see if the “NCSE”: had any info on the statements made by Bush on teaching the hypothesis of “intelliget design” in the science classroom. Oh, they had plenty. First and foremost, a link to the “most recent issue of Time dealing centrally with the ongoing debate about teaching non-science in the science classroom”:,9171,1090909,00.html. They also had links to articles on Bush’s comments and the Kansas State Board of Education’s apparent abandonment of a strong science curriculum.

Frustrated, I decided to do something I haven’t done in a while. I was inspired by a comment in one of the NCSE links, a report on “two articles by biologists”: debunking the arguments behind “intelligent design”: “ID is here for only one reason – to act as a Trojan horse poised before the public schools: a seemingly secular vessel ready to inject its religious message into the science curriculum.”

Here was the result:

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