Training Day

SMU is running two straight days of online faculty training for teaching digitally in the next few week. I spent a good part of today in various Zoom sessions, listening to rundowns of how to use certain features for certain purposes. The most useful thing, though, was hearing the concerns about mapping in-person teaching into… Continue reading Training Day

Collecting scientific programming on COVID-19

I started this post as a place to collect scientific programming discussing COVID-19. The Guardian’s Science Weekly – “Covid-19: can ibuprofen make an infection worse?” (March 26, 2020) Nicola Davis speaks to Dr Ian Bailey about the current guidance on taking ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs during a Sars-CoV-2 infection. And, why there was… Continue reading Collecting scientific programming on COVID-19

Digital Teaching

COVID-19 is stressing systems in interesting ways. One thing we are seeing with increasing frequency in the U.S. is schools switching to “online teaching” for the next several weeks (perhaps even for the rest of the terms this academic year). Below, I share some of my perspectives on strategies for “online teaching” – or, more… Continue reading Digital Teaching

Honors Physics, Spring 2020: The Physics of Video Games and Gaming

SMU students are invited to explore physics through the lens of creating games and gaming experiences using interactive technologies. Coding, math, visualization, and storytelling combine in a landscape of physical laws to allow us to interact in increasingly realistic ways through a virtual space. Games may break the laws of nature in such a space,… Continue reading Honors Physics, Spring 2020: The Physics of Video Games and Gaming

A Peek into the Secret City

A sign next to the museum on the original site of the Los Alamos Laboratory.

Four of us stood in the lobby of the La Fonda Hotel. The beautiful space sits just off the main square in Santa Fe. You could almost feel the ghosts of the Manhattan Project walk past as people now sat, perhaps unaware, reading papers, waiting for friends, eating in the restaurant, or drinking in the… Continue reading A Peek into the Secret City