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Stealing the internet

I realized this past week that I don’t yet have an entry in my “rant” category. Here, dear readers, is my first one.

I don’t know when you’ll see this. Why? Because my domain name registrar, “”:, cashed my check (deducted $15 from my credit card) on May 16th and then failed to renew my domain. I’m in the midst of sending escalating e-mails into the /dev/null pipe that is their support and sales e-mail accounts. I’ve also left a message with their parent company, the status of which I’ll have to check after the Memorial Day holiday.

I would register this domain with another company, but vhosting still lists it as “taken” (I’m even still listed as the owner in the public interest registry “whois” database), but my domain is on CLIENT HOLD status. That suggests it expired, but vhosting took my money so they *must* have gotten my renewal request.

**sigh**. It seems that, at last, all those hours in high school business law class are about to pay off. Can you say, “my credit card company will be asked to deny payment?”.