Fermionic Living

This has been quite a set of seasons for me and Jodi. The whole thing started for us just before the summer, as we were getting ready for our variety of shifts and analyses. I popped off to Moscow, then we headed to Minnesota for my vacation and her shifts, ending up at Fermilab for my seminar. Once we got back to California, I left for Sweden, then U. Chicago, and when I go back Jodi left for Ireland. A week after she got back, I popped off to Washington D.C. for some lobbying, and now she’s off to Soudan for another block of shifts. The morning after she gets back, I am going to MIT to work for a week, and when I get back her family will be visiting us for a week.

When two particles have half-integer spin, they must obey “Fermi-Dirac” statistics and are therefore never allowed to enter the same quantum state. A quantum state is defined by a unique set of so-called quantum numbers, such as position in space and time, charge, energy, etc. Right now, Jodi and I are acting a lot like a couple of fermions, though I’m pretty sure we wished we were tripping the life bosonic. To stretch this metaphor beyond the breaking point, at least every now and then we can exchange information using sounds waves, which at least makes us a Cooper Pair.


Under the mister

We had survived to

Turn on the History Channel

And ask our esteemed panel

Why are we alive?

And here’s how they replied

You’re what happens when two substances collide

And by all accounts you really should have died

“A nervous tic motion of the head to the left”, Andrew bird