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GOP goes with

Unlike the Olympics, the global games, and the DNCC, the convention for the party of inclusiveness, the GOP has gone with to distribute live and canned video from the GOPC. I went online tonight and found out immediately that I could watch all the (very limited) events from today’s GOPC in the Twin Cities.

According to TechCrunch [1], “Ustream.TV offers video conversion and download in .FLV, .WMV, .MP4 and .MOV . . . “, formats which are widely playable on all operating systems. No longer am I shunned by javascript-based browser and operating system detection! Now I have the ability to watch the GOP convention unfold in all of its glory.

That is, once this Labor Day is over with. Why would I actually want to do anything, like watch a political convention, on the ONE DAY A YEAR [2]  that this nation recognizes the right to not work? I am not thinking about physics today, and I am certainly not going to watch a political convention instead. As part of the middle class, I took my day off.