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Eating the Seed Corn: Science Policy Reading List for March 30, 2017

The assault by the Executive Branch of the US government continues on basic scientific research and sound policy based on science. Here is a reading list covering some key issues from the last couple of weeks:

  1. Perspective: “In Trump’s budget: The unwisest cut“, by NYU President Andrew Hamilton. (Washington Post)
  2. Latest Trump budget cuts at a glance“, by the Associated Press. Discusses the President’s proposal that the current year’s science budget be slashed to pay for the start of border wall construction. (Washington Post)
  3. Trump, in break from other world leaders, digs in on coal“. Matthew Daly and Jill Colvin, Associated Press. A discussion of Trump’s new executive order, which begins to unravel President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan.” Ironically, it was not regulation by the federal government that doomed the coal industry; it was coal, and how non-competitive it is in the free market of energy choices. (Washington Post)
  4. Despite Trump Move on Climate Change, Utilities’ Shift From Coal Is Set to Continue“. Cassandra Sweet. The market has spoken: coal is a loser. (Wall Street Journal)
  5. Trump puts the planet on a dangerous path“. Washington Post Editorial Board.
  6. China affirms climate pledge after Trump rolls back rules“. Joe McDonald, Associated Press. Illustrates the fact that the President is weakening U.S. leadership on the world stage, diminishing our influence as a nation. (Washington Post)