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PoliSci: Huntsman on Romney and Perry

In a recent post, I noted that Republican candidate Jon Huntsman is one of only a few in the field of candidates who seems to have a clear grasp of basic knowledge about the world. Well, this week his campaign has come out swinging and reaffirmed his own excellent grasp of reality:

“We’re not going to win a national election if we become the anti-science party,” John Weaver, Huntsman’s chief strategist, said in an interview Wednesday. “The American people are looking for someone who lives in reality and is a truth teller because that’s the only way that the significant problems this country faces can be solved. It appears that the only science that Mitt Romney believes in is the science of polling, and that science clearly was not a mandatory course for Governor Perry.” [1]

Oh, snap. Too bad you’ll never win a meaningless straw poll with a basic command of the facts like that. And today he tweeted the following:

“To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.” [2]

Bravo, sir, for having the courage to light a candle in the dark.