The Personal Blog of Stephen Sekula

Surrounded by flute music

I had the most surreal experience tonight. I got off the Y bus at Lion and began walking back to the apartment. As I started down the Rue de Bordeau, I started to hear music. At first, it was quiet. I looked around to try to see where it was coming from. It was beautiful, and I couldn’t tell if someone was playing it in one of the houses or whether someone was playing a recording. As I continued to walk, the music got louder. I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from, so I guessed it was coming from somewhere and then echoing off all the buildings.

I kept glancing over my shoulder as I approached the front door of the building, trying to figure out just where that music was coming from. As I entered the foyer of the building and started up the stairs, I realized that the music was FOLLOWING ME.

When I finally got into the apartment and opened my backpack, I realized that the source of the music was my iPad. The bluetooth keyboard in another pocket was still connected and the “PLAY” button must have been pressed. The result? The first thing in my playlist began to play. And what was it? It was the recording of my sister’s last recital in her church in Connecticut before she moved to Oklahoma.

Told you it was beautiful music.