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Road diary, day 1

The cats snooze in their carriers, resigned to life on the road.

Jodi and I are on our annual road trip to Wisconsin. It has a new element this year: the cats went with us. We had a hard time finding a consistent cat sitter over the break, so we decided to take advantage of our cats’ youth and hit the road with them in the car. 

This got off to a rough start. Snowball, the older of our two cats, had quite the upset tummy yesterday. We delayed leaving this morning to see whether he had made a recovery. It was clear by 9:30 this morning that he was back to, so we packed the car and hit the road. 

But as a result of that delay, we will not get as far as we wanted. We will make it to Iowa today… but just barely. 

Views from the road

All I could think of was “Rick and Morty” when I saw this.