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  • Physics on Tap

    Physics on Tap

    Jodi got invited by the DFW Tap Talks organization to give a short talk for the public. I tagged along for the event. I have always wanted to check out one of these “science on tap” talks, and I was not disappointed! It was a great night of 20 minute talks, one each on physics, […]

  • It’s Made of Hands

    It’s Made of Hands

    What if there were a place you could go and see bronze hands? Wait no longer. You should go and check out the Adrian E. Flatt, M.D., Hand Collection.

  • Scenes from Wisconsin in August 2019

  • A Peek into the Secret City

    A Peek into the Secret City

    Four of us stood in the lobby of the La Fonda Hotel. The beautiful space sits just off the main square in Santa Fe. You could almost feel the ghosts of the Manhattan Project walk past as people now sat, perhaps unaware, reading papers, waiting for friends, eating in the restaurant, or drinking in the […]

  • Messages from Blois (2019)

    Messages from Blois (2019)

    The conference, Rencontres de Blois, takes place annually in the Chateau de Blois. This year was the 30th anniversary of the conference and the 31st such edition of the conference. The conference is a synthesis of particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology – a perfect match to the strengths of our own physics department at SMU. […]

  • Back in Texas!

    Back in Texas!

    We are not quite home, but we are back in Texas! It is less than an hour to home now.

  • St. Louis

    St. Louis

    We pass by St. Louis during our return trip to Texas. We have 90 minutes of driving left today before we call it quits.

  • Factory in winter

    A composite HDR image of a factory in winter.

  • Southerly

    We are headed south to Oshkosh. We should arrive around 6pm. It is pleasant but overcast today, and we seem to have left the heaviest part of the active snowfall.

  • Christmas Eve Spread