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  • Finding consensus

    For the past five months, my professional life has been a roller-coaster ride. My research is now a constant source of stress, as deadlines rapidly approach and MANY questions need to be answered. Adding to this is a broader concern about the future of my own field in this country. High-energy physics, a field which […]

  • Put ‘Em Up Against The Wall!

    I read somewhere recently (or heard somewhere recently?) that most scientists don’t have the scientific method posted anywhere on the walls of their office or lab. I was struck by that fact, until I stopped and said, “Hey, stupid – you don’t have it on your wall, either!”. This morning, I remedied that egregious oversight: […]

  • Thoughts on Science and Spirit from a man of the Spirit

    My good pal Mandeep sent me a lovely blog article from “Jim Burklo, minister at the Sausalito Presbyterian Church”:http://tcpc.blogs.com/musings/2005/08/beyond_the_fish.html. Jim talks about how intelligent design is a discredit to both science and religion. Well, Jim puts it best so let me just quote him: But [intelligent design] isn’t a “theory” at all. “Intelligent design” posits […]

  • Three Senators attend Hearing on Climate Change

    It’s sad. I know it was a busy day on the Hill, but every day is a busy day on the Hill. So when I read that “only three U.S. Senators from the Senate Commerce subcommittee on global climate change attended hearings where the new head of the National Academies spoke about the scientific consensus […]