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  • A Raspberry Pi-based Firefox Sync Server

    A Raspberry Pi-based Firefox Sync Server

    Data ownership is a serious issue on the internet, especially given the revelations that spy agencies like the NSA have been sneaking into back doors in companies like Google and collecting massive amounts of our personal metadata. While the courts and other US public institutions wrestle with the difficult constitutional issues behind this unprecedented warrantless […]

  • Lessons Learned: MythTV and the Comcast/Motorola DCT700

    Now that digital cable seems well under the control of sTeVo, my MythTV box [1], I thought it would be helpful to post some of my lessons learned in this process. Lesson 1: MythTV is robust and flexible. The dedicated team of MythTV developers have made an adaptable product. The fact that the software was […]

  • A microblogging experiment

    Microblogging, the act of writing just a few words about an observation or a thought, is becoming more popular. In and of itself, I’m not that thrilled about it. In a way, it’s just another cheap, short form of communication. However, most of the reason why I’ve avoided it is because existing microblogging options, like […]

  • Friends in frustration

    I found out on Friday that I am not the only one sending letters to the DNC about their choice to shut out the Linux community. A friend of mine told me she also sent a letter, and it sounded like it was a much more pointed statement than mine. I was curious if other […]

  • Podcastingwith Skype for the Linux types

    Ever since Skype upgraded its Linux client from the 1.X series to 2.X and introduced new features, plus compliance with the ALSA sound system, nobody has been able to record skype sound for podcasting. I’ve wanted to use Skype for a while exactly for this purpose. Well, problem solved! Some clever folks have setup a […]

  • Go Human with Dell

    Well, it finally happened . . . again! Dell has officially begun shipping several desktop and laptop options with linux pre-installed. Yay! Today, the terrorists have officially lost a battle. <a href=”http://www.ubuntulinux.org/”>Ubuntu Linux</a> is the installation of choice. Based on the huge Debian Linux community, with strong customer support and a super-easy installation (does it […]