A New Review of “Reality in the Shadows” Appears in “Planetarian”

Planetarian, the journal of the International Planetarium Society (IPS), published this month a new review of “Reality in the Shadows (or) What the Heck’s the Higgs?” The journal is available to members of the society, and it looks like past issues may become available in their archives after the current quarter passes.

The review was overall very positive and began by making an analogy of the strategy of the book to that of the film “Powers of Ten” by Charles and Ray Eames. The review notes that our book definitely powers through a lot of discoveries and some of the people involved in them, but it also highlights the fact that we specifically noted people who are not household names. Indeed, something I am personally proud of is that the contributions of people like Goldstone, Noether, and even Maldacena, feature in the book along side those overly familiar names like Hawking, Einstein, and Curie.

If you get a chance, check out the review! Hopefully, the current issue will become generally accessible to everyone soon … but why not sign up for a membership for the IPS if you have a special love for the planetarium experience?

And, of course, you should grab a copy of “Reality in the Shadows” if you haven’t already! It’s available in paperback ($26.95) or Kindle edition ($9.99) from Amazon.