The Friendly Physics Guide(s) Launch!

I am very pleased to announce that the first in new a series of books – The Friendly Physics Guide(s) to … – is now available! The books will, at first, be based on special topics lectures that I have delivered over several years as part of my introductory physics and sophomore-level physics courses. The first one, “The Friendly Physics Guide to Nuclear and Particle Physics in Medicine,” is now available only as an e-book on Amazon.

The plan for the whole series is to release two volumes per topic. The first volume, “A Bite of Newton’s Apple,” is for all readers. Lovers of science, even those without formal college-level training in physics, will benefit from volume one. Volume two, “The Core of Newton’s Apple,” is intended for college students who desire more training in introductory-level physics immersed in the subject material of the book.

In the case of the first two volumes, the subject is nuclear medicine. By looking through the lens of the PET Scan, a non-invasive imaging technique, we explore a broad range of physics subjects that connect to deep truths about the cosmos. All of this is framed in service of human health.

I welcome you to check out the new series. More books are forthcoming. Stay tuned and read on!