Charm Jets as a Probe for Strangeness Published in Physical Review D

Last summer, my colleagues Miguel Arratia, Yulia Furletova, Tim Hobbs, Fred Olness, and I submitted to Physical Review D our article on using reconstructed and identified charm jets to probe the proton’s intrinsic strangeness. We envisioned this approach, modeled on a beautiful analysis published by the ZEUS Collaboration in 2019, as part of a large portfolio of similar probes of sea quarks in the proton. However, we explored this approach in the context of the Electron-Ion Collider. This new machine, if constructed in the next few years, will deliver so many electron-proton collisions that we’ll have unprecedented precision access to previously mysterious aspects of the proton, neutron, and heavy nuclei.

I am pleased to report that after a few months of iterations with the referee, the paper was accepted for publication earlier this year and now has appeared in Physical Review D. You can read the whole paper here: “Charm jets as a probe for strangeness at the future Electron-Ion Collider.” Miguel Arratia, Yulia Furletova, T. J. Hobbs, Fredrick Olness, and Stephen J. Sekula
Phys. Rev. D 103, 074023 (2021)