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Higgs Hunting in Sweden

I’ve been taking a vacation from vacation. After returning from the Minnesota-Wisconsin-Illinois extravaganza, which was itself a recovery from Moscow, I spend the past few weeks recovering from vacation. At first, I was absolutely unmotivated to do anything. Writing the two talks, one for ICHEP and a much longer one for Fermilab, the idea of completing my talk to Sweden was unattractive. In addition, there was some planning and discussion for an upcoming trip to Washington D.C. and work to be done getting my research ready for Winter and beyond. I found these latter items a pleasant distraction from talk-writing, one which let me do work while avoiding more OpenOffice artistry.

But tomorrow I leave for CHARGED2006, a workshop on prospects for the charged Higgs boson search at the LHC. It’s a four-day event in Uppsala, Sweden, at the University of Uppsala. I am really looking forward to it – in its specificity, it is a welcome distraction from the buckshot science at ICHEP. I’ve also finished my talk on indirect constraints on the charged Higgs from B factories, namely Belle and my own experiment, BaBar.

Jodi and I have been working on “Angel”, season 4 (which is when we started watching the show when it used to air on the WB network), taking some nice walks, and hanging out with friends. We’ve also been doing our usual cafe hopping and a little shopping. With the time left today and tonight, we’re going for a long walk along the San Francisco bay (which will also help me break in my new shoes for Uppsala).