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Off To Jacksonville!

The American Physical Society meeting begins on Saturday morning, and I’m getting ready to hop a super-early flight tomorrow to get to Jacksonville at a reasonable hour. It’s a trade-off, one with which any cross-country business traveler is well acquainted. I intend to keep a record of my adventures at APS, including an attempt at microblogging, or blogging small chunks of information as if having a one-sided conversation. I guess normal blogging is just a long-winded, one-sided conversation.

If any of you readers are going to be there, look for me twisting arms on behalf of increased science funding between 10:30 and 12:30 am on Saturday morning. Come to my parallel session on Sunday morning at 8:30, where you can learn about cutting-edge investigations into rare phenomena by some of the promising graduate students on BaBar. Check out my awesome poster at the reception, where you’ll get an exclusive look at how fully reconstructed rare decays are giving us insight into the Standard Model – and beyond.

See you in Jacksonville!

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