Ice Force 1

Well, this is going to suck: However, I learned something that is either funny, adorable, concerning, or all of the above: Dallas has something called “Ice Force 1,” which is a preparedness state that means they send lots of sanding trucks (did I say “lots”? I meant “30”) out to known trouble spots. BRACE FOR… Continue reading Ice Force 1

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Hotter than hell (2012 edition)

Last summer, it was hotter than hell in Texas. We nearly broke the all-time record for most consecutive days over 100F. We missed it by a mere one day, which – as far as I am concerned – is a statistical fluke. Remember that the winter of 2011 was termed “Snowpocalypse,” and less-responsible media outlets… Continue reading Hotter than hell (2012 edition)

Storm clouds over Dallas

After my American Airlines flight finally departed Dallas last Sunday (after a two-hour weather delay) we swooped around the path of a massive storm system. You can see here one of the anvil-shaped clouds forming out of the lower cloud layer.


Jodi and I have returned from vacation. It was a dramatic break. Naturally, the minute we left the state of California a big wind storm hit our area and knocked out power. Faithful readers will have noticed the lovely temporary webpage I had to setup for the site. Yahoo’s “small business” services, with which I… Continue reading Resolved