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Podcastingwith Skype for the Linux types

Ever since Skype upgraded its Linux client from the 1.X series to 2.X and introduced new features, plus compliance with the ALSA sound system, nobody has been able to record skype sound for podcasting. I’ve wanted to use Skype for a while exactly for this purpose.

Well, problem solved! Some clever folks have setup a SourceForge open-source project for Skype tools, including (as a first tool) a skype recorder. You can get the source code here:

For those of you using Ubuntu Gutsy, or any linux distro using qt-4 version <= 4.3, you need to fix a file in QT4 in order to compile the project. See my fix here:

Otherwise, it seems to work. The key is that this program actually uses the Skype API in order to talk to the program. No more snooping on the sound device in order to grab all the audio. It seems to work just fine, and I already recorded a little chat with the “Skype Call Testing Service” in OGG format.

Yay! Could “The Two-Body Problem” be returning soon?