Fun . . . with drums

Oh drums, you never steer me wrong. After years of neglect, I have started spending time during the week working on my drum technique. I’ve also met several people here in Dallas who seem interested in jamming. This has only made me more interested in having fun with drumming.

I’ve missed drumming. It’s in my bio as something I do (indeed, I never actually gave it up). I have neglected it for a while, and now with the new place in Dallas we finally have the space to have a music room. I’ve setup a small personal recording area, using an old laptop and a lot of cables. It’s not too bad for a cheap amateur rig and no sound engineer. The centerpiece of this is my electric drumkit, which I got for Christmas last year. It’s fantastic. It has limitations, yes, but it lets me play and practice without fear of bothering the neighbors. And it does sound pretty good.

I’ve been using GarageBand to lay down some instrument loops and then design a real drum part to go with them. Here is one recent thing I threw together over the weekend. Even a total moron like me can make sounds that resemble music with GarageBand. While I am NOT an Apple fanboy, I see a place for some of their technology. This is one such place. Sorry, Linux.

Enjoy! Heres “Vacuum (Part I)” from my little GarageBand personal project, “Tadpoles”.

Vacuum (Part I)

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