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SMU vs. Navy

Jodi and I have been going to SMU football games. Apart from the chilly air, it’s been fun for the both of us. Last night, we were treated to quite a special array of events at the SMU vs. Navy game. The photos below tell most of the story. The pre-game show featured paratroopers delivering the game ball, a fly-over by three F-18 hornets (my bones have never rattled quite that way before), and the game coin tossed by President George W. Bush. By half-time, SMU was up 21-7 over Navy. Navy pushed back hard in the second half and SMU lost in overtime.

The other fun bit was that a bunch of students and post-docs from the physics department were just 5 rows behind us. Since staff get free tickets, they treated the students to seats at the game.  We joined then once the crowd thinned and seats freed up behind us. I’ll say this: I’ve never seen so much school spirit from physics grad students like I saw last night!