The Personal Blog of Stephen Sekula

A quiet Sunday morning

We are enjoying a quiet Sunday morning. This month has been extremely busy, and for at least a little while this weekend we can return to something resembling quiet. Jodi is making pumpkin waffles. “Car Talk” is on the Stevo (my MythTV box), to be followed by “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”; this sequence recreates our old California Saturday morning. It’s a cool blue day outside; no storms again until tomorrow.

This lull is just ahead of a work week that, for me, leads to travel to California. I am attending a workshop on the BaBar+Belle Legacy Book, a project we’re hoping to kickoff this coming week. The idea is to compile the results of these two frontier flavor experiments into a book that serves both archival and educational purposes. I am a co-editor of one of the chapters (each one is edited by at least two people, one from each experiment). After the workshop is the BaBar collaboration meeting, where I’ll present the case for SMU membership in the collaboration. For me, this is extremely exciting. This is my first chance to become a principal investigator in an experimental collaboration. My group won’t be big, but I have some clear goals for the next 3 years on BaBar and I’m excited to become a member so we can get moving.

After this push on BaBar, I can re-focus on ATLAS again. That’s its own beast.

Let’s set all that aside, though. This is supposed to be my quiet Sunday. Blue skies. Cool air. Radio programs. Waffles. Sleep. Ah.