Not a Number

This is the second day in a row that Collin County, TX, has not reported or updated its COVID-19 case or death count (or any other statistics). It is – likely not coincidentally – two days since the State took over the handling of cases from the County. The question is: what is the state doing if not collecting information about new cases, deaths, recoveries, etc.?

I’ve only been able to enter NaN – not a number – into my charting of new cases in Collin County. Once data becomes available again, I will revise these placeholders or let the code interpolate between numbers, as needed. But it’s just not credible that there have been no new cases for two days, since new case counts began climbing late last week. While absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, the timing is terrible; neighboring Dallas County today reported its record high number of new cases and deaths for one day. [1]


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