The Personal Blog of Stephen Sekula

Coming Back to Life

The last few months on this blog have been quiet … too quiet. I think it is generally true that the activity level of a blog may be inversely proportional to the level of activity of the writer. If that be true, then let the lack of effort here be a clear measure of the true busyness of my life.

I’ll do my best to summarize the last few months in a reasonably short paragraph. We moved to Sudbury, Canada at the very end of July. Jodi started her position as Executive Director of SNOLAB on August 1, and I began a month of “unemployment” (really … BETWEEN employments) doing the domestic work needed to stand us up in Canada. We lived in a hotel until the end of October, when we moved into a brand new house. We barely managed to purchase the house, given the long time to sell the one in Texas (thanks to a cooling housing market) and the Ontario laws and taxes on foreign nationals purchasing property. But we made it! I started my job at SNOLAB on September 1 and have been navigating the new role and a new career in astroparticle physics.

I’ll say more over a longer period of time, but that is the very short of it. A longer version would extoll the virtues of Ontario and Sudbury and its wonderful people, dwell briefly on my immigration woes (Jodi was unaffected), and marvel in awe at conducting scientific research 6800 ft underground.

As I said … I will get there in this blog.

Meanwhile, it’s enough to know that we have a home, my web domains are back online, we are very (VERY) happy in our new lives in Canada, we love the place we work and the people we work with, and there is much to say about the pivot to astroparticle physics.

That’s for another time. It’s going to be a New Year’s resolution that I write more. This is both for the benefit of my publisher/editor (sorry, Otto … I am trying to do better) and myself. Blogging lets me practice writing in small bits. I want to get back to it. Of course, another reason might be the philosophical bend away from Twitter and toward a more federated, self-owned social media existence.

But that is also a conversation for another day.