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Get Ready: A Bunch of Domains Going Offline

I own a number of internet domains, including most notably (this one), (where some social media stuff is run), and (hosting some services for astrophysics and high-energy physics research). Since these are all hosted on servers I own and run out of my house, and since we are about to move to Canada and be house-less for a while, these domains will not be up and running for some time.

How long? Could be weeks. Could be months. If we find a furnished short-term rental in Sudbury (not likely in the current housing market), then I can get business-class internet setup and get the servers back up again. If we don’t, then it will be likely November before they come back to life. That’s roughly when we think we will move into a house (could be sooner … but not likely right now).

So heads up! This blog and a bunch of family and other services are going away for a while. When they come back, this space will be active again.

Expect the servers to go offline starting July 14 or 15.