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Unicorns and Pentaquarks




Well, at least I won’t need my legs to type this. This morning, Jodi and I met friends at Sequoia High School down at the bottom of our hill. The occasion was not breakfast and coffee, though it became clear an hour later that both of those would have been nice. No, today we rode in the “Tour de Peninsula”, a 17-30 mile bike ride. It was 17 if you wanted it short, 21 if you like things medium, and 30 if you have no love for yourself. The tour started at the high school, headed north and west to Alameda de Las Pulgas (Avenue of the Fleas), north to Ralston avenue, up “Mt. Everest” (the hill that comprises Ralston), down Polhemus Ave, across the bike bridge spanning highway 280, south on Canada Rd., East on Edgewood Rd, and finally back along Alameda and then east to the high school. We decided at the first rest stop to stick to the 17 mile ride. My friend on the tandem recumbant bike had both calf muscles seizing on him, and mine weren’t much better. There was one bad hill left on the remaining half of the trip, more on the 21 and 30 miles rides. One was enough for most of us.

We made it, though. At the top of “Mt. Everest”, Jodi, Nicole, and Lisa came up with a team name: Unicorns and Pentaquarks (neither are to be believed). I had to walk most of both hills – “Mt. Everest” and the back-side of Edgewood Rd. – but everybody else was able to chug their way up the hills. To be fair, this is the first time I’ve biked more than 10 miles at a stretch in at least five years. Afterward, we sat on the grass at the high school, ate tri-tip sandwiches and rested. Jodi and I came home, cleaned up, and I fell asleep on the futon. All in all, not a bad day.

Check out the photos Jodi and I took on our cameras: