The Personal Blog of Stephen Sekula

Disclosed Location

I’ve spent the last three days of this week in an “undisclosed location”, and now that I’m returning home in preparation for my trip to Spain I’m happy to disclose my little vacation spot. I’ve been at Caltech with Jodi, who has been commuting here for a month now for CDMS “analysis fests”. These are gatherings of members of the far-flung collaboration who are all intensely involved in physics analysis. These gatherings have been centered on a rented house near the edge of Caltech’s campus. I’ve been spending my days holed up here, escaping for walks; to get coffee or groceries; to meet Jodi and her colleagues for lunch. I’ve been doing some goofing off, some proposal writing, and some resting.

I could use more time, but I’m not going to get it. Tomorrow, I leave for Spain. While it will be BEAUTIFUL and a relaxed environment in which to have a BaBar collaboration meeting, I have two talks to write and give and recovering from jet lag to do. I’ll be back later in the week, in time to say goodbye to Jodi a few days later as she heads to Italy and then to CERN. It’s going to get busier before it gets better.