Getting back into the swing …

It’s been a week of “getting back into the swing” before the spring semester. Most of my effort is focused on mapping my Tuesday/Thursday introductory physics course into a 3-day model (Monday/Wednesday/Friday). The mapping of lecture material (reading and lecture videos) into Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) “assignments” is complete. My course completely follows the… Continue reading Getting back into the swing …

First work day of 2022

Today was the first day “back at work” for 2022. I put “back at work” in quotes because I was working, but I did not go into the office. There is no need. Right now, we are still between terms. It’s not like the hallways of my building are teeming with colleagues, and those who… Continue reading First work day of 2022

Muon Weather: Fun with a Muon Detector, Analysis Code, and Physics

I am spending some time playing around with the cosmic ray muon data from an instrument in the SMU Physics Department. That instrument is located in the basement hallway of Fondren Science Building. I already setup a “dashboard” of information derived from the instrument, available here: If you want to learn more about the… Continue reading Muon Weather: Fun with a Muon Detector, Analysis Code, and Physics

The Equation

Colleges and universities across the United States are planning to re-open in the fall with large numbers of students on-campus. Some places have done this sensibly, by limiting that number to just first-year students, or just seniors, and only for one term or another. Others have proceeded with full populations on campus, in the same… Continue reading The Equation

The spice must flow

As I wrote several days ago, Zoom has become highly unstable on my desktop computer. I’ve tried everything, including switching from the KDE desktop environment to the XFWM one; switching off compositing; using all different versions of the NVIDIA drivers; swapping other NVIDIA cards into the system; different kinds of LINUX kernels. Nothing helps. So… Continue reading The spice must flow

Fall down, go Vroom

Like many institutions, I’m using a video conferencing client whose name rhymes with “Vroom” in order to conduct classes. Things were going great for the first 2 weeks. Last Friday, things took a serious turn. It all started with a long-standing problem on my home desktop machine. I run Ubuntu Linux 18.04 on a hand-built… Continue reading Fall down, go Vroom

Training Day

SMU is running two straight days of online faculty training for teaching digitally in the next few week. I spent a good part of today in various Zoom sessions, listening to rundowns of how to use certain features for certain purposes. The most useful thing, though, was hearing the concerns about mapping in-person teaching into… Continue reading Training Day