The Routine

Get up at 6am, or thereabouts. Grab Chromebook. Head to living room. Make coffee. Read newspapers. Shower. Dress for work. Attend morning meetings. Eat breakfast and plan day with Jodi. Start normal work day in the home office. If it’s a Tuesday or Thursday, prepare for class; otherwise, focus on research projects. Check in with students and other colleagues. Go for a run. Eat lunch. If it’s a Tuesday or Thursday, teach. Office hours and other afternoon meetings; if none of those, keep on research projects. Grab a snack. Virtual research break at 4pm; see if anyone drops in. Finish work day. Get out of work clothes and into something more relaxed. Go spend time with Jodi over dinner, reading, TV, etc. Pick up laptop and do some late day work. Head to bed around 8pm. Work until 10pm. Go to sleep.

Sleep fitfully. Wake up in the middle of the night wondering if the sore throat is because you’re thirsty or because of Coronavirus. Go back to sleep. Wake up again. Go back to sleep.

Get up at 6am. Repeat.

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