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Sometimes, being a good teacher means drinking your own pee

20130501-154503.jpgI had the pleasure of guest lecturing a few weeks ago in the CFB/PHY 3333 course (despite being on teaching leave this semester – Profs. Scalise and Cotton are mighty persuasive). Here is the lecture audio, if you’re interested:

Lecture Audio – Homeopathy (Spring, 2013)

We’ve added a new feature to the part where we make our own homeopathic dilution – I drink my own pee . . . for SCIENCE! (and education)

Great headlines, or “the greatest” headlines?

I’ve been running silent these past few weeks, getting ready for the ICHEP conference next week. However, a pair of headlines today was just too much to ignore. When I scanned the AP stories listed on Yahoo News, these caught my eye:

  • Obama urges Germans to work with US to stop terror AP – 42 minutes ago
  • McCain visits German restaurant in Ohio AP – 1 hour, 6 minutes ago

Hmmm. Seems like McCain could be trying a little harder.

The World is Mine! Creepy . . .

I just got my new U.S. passport today, after only sending the paperwork in about 1.5 weeks ago. Crazy. A little brochure came with the passport, its cover reading “With Your U.S. Passport, the World is Yours!”

I’m writing an open letter to the U.S. State Department in response to this present.

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Big Ass Table

iMania over the iPhone is about to be unleashed. As many have pointed out [1], there hasn’t been this much hype ahead of something ultimately disappointing since Windows ’95. As people go nuts – N-V-T-S, NUTS! – over this hyped iPod/phone/web appliance hybrid, Microsoft has yet again advanced U.S. innovation with a computer the size of a table. That’s right: a table.

Will the iPhone really be as fast as the commercials suggest? The stories about the AT&T internet service suggests not, as it is reported to have disappointing bitrates for downloading data. The vendor lock-in to AT&T – oh, crap, sorry: at&t – has also been quite controversial. I’ve never approved a piece of hardware that I can’t just take to the lowest bidder for service. It’s called “capitalism”. Well, so is vendor lock-in, I guess.

In response to Microsoft’s attempt to fire a cannonball across the wrong bow, “The Sarcastic Gamer” has released this parody of the Microsoft table-top computing ad. Using the video from Microsoft’s own website, he overdubbed this hilarious script. Check it out at YouTube [2].

[1] TWiT Espisode 102
[2] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZrr7AZ9nCY