Sometimes, being a good teacher means drinking your own pee

20130501-154503.jpgI had the pleasure of guest lecturing a few weeks ago in the CFB/PHY 3333 course (despite being on teaching leave this semester – Profs. Scalise and Cotton are mighty persuasive). Here is the lecture audio, if you’re interested:

Lecture Audio – Homeopathy (Spring, 2013)

We’ve added a new feature to the part where we make our own homeopathic dilution – I drink my own pee . . . for SCIENCE! (and education)

Great headlines, or “the greatest” headlines?

I’ve been running silent these past few weeks, getting ready for the ICHEP conference next week. However, a pair of headlines today was just too much to ignore. When I scanned the AP stories listed on Yahoo News, these caught my eye:

  • Obama urges Germans to work with US to stop terror AP – 42 minutes ago
  • McCain visits German restaurant in Ohio AP – 1 hour, 6 minutes ago

Hmmm. Seems like McCain could be trying a little harder.

Big Ass Table

iMania over the iPhone is about to be unleashed. As many have pointed out [1], there hasn’t been this much hype ahead of something ultimately disappointing since Windows ’95. As people go nuts – N-V-T-S, NUTS! – over this hyped iPod/phone/web appliance hybrid, Microsoft has yet again advanced U.S. innovation with a computer the size of a table. That’s right: a table.

Will the iPhone really be as fast as the commercials suggest? The stories about the AT&T internet service suggests not, as it is reported to have disappointing bitrates for downloading data. The vendor lock-in to AT&T – oh, crap, sorry: at&t – has also been quite controversial. I’ve never approved a piece of hardware that I can’t just take to the lowest bidder for service. It’s called “capitalism”. Well, so is vendor lock-in, I guess.

In response to Microsoft’s attempt to fire a cannonball across the wrong bow, “The Sarcastic Gamer” has released this parody of the Microsoft table-top computing ad. Using the video from Microsoft’s own website, he overdubbed this hilarious script. Check it out at YouTube [2].

[1] TWiT Espisode 102